Missourians for Fair Taxation

Written by Barry Upchurch

A new movement has begun, as the Missouri Association of Realtors embarks on a mission to save tax-payer’s money and protect the industry.  In an article published by the Riverfront Times, Chad Garrison writes about a new piece of legislation that would seek to, “add sales fees for real-estate purchases in order to make up for the loss in tax base should the state do away with income tax.

Garrison informs us about a committee designed by the Missouri Association of Realtors, named Let Voters Decide, which has “In March… donated $135,000 to start Missourians for Fair Taxation, a fledgling group that doesn't even have a website yet.” Well, this ‘fledgling group’ now has a website that you can visit to learn more and get involved at http://nomosalestaxes.com/!

As explained by the language on their website, the Missourians for Fair Taxation are “a political action committee created and funded by the 20,000-member Missouri Association of Realtors… seeking voter approval in November 2016 for an amendment to the Missouri Constitution that would prohibit state and local governments from imposing any new sales tax or use tax on services. Services are not currently taxed, and the amendment would STOP sales taxes on services.”

Thus far in their efforts, Garrison describes, that “The realtors' association already scored an early victory against the so-called ‘Fair Tax’ last November when an astounding 83.7 percent of Missouri voters passed Amendment 3 that prohibits a sales tax from ever being imposed on the purchase of residential or commercial real-estate.”

            Clearly, this is an important issue, and we encourage you to go out to vote in the fall in order to put a stop to this Fair Tax Initiative.  For further information on these matters, please read on at the website http://nomosalestaxes.com/.  Also, we highly recommend reading Chad Garrison’s “Missouri Realtors Lead Fight Against "Fair Tax" Initiative,” which can be located by clicking on the link below. 


Added April 25, 2016

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